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Professional Code of Ethics

A Licensed Professional Here to Guide You

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I am a psychic reader; I am neither a doctor, a lawyer nor a financial advisor.  I urge you to seek professional advice on any medical, legal, or financial matter.  I will never offer to remove a curse for money. I urge you to avoid any tarot reader offering these services. Scam artists reflect badly on legitimate, ethical readers.  REMEMBER: Just as there are bad doctors, there are bad readers. 

I urge you to use vigilance and careful forethought when choosing either. It is indeed my pleasure and responsibility, then, to treat every seeker with sensitivity, warmth, and compassion. 

I hold your reading, and the information you reveal, in the strictest confidence.  I am not entitled, nor do I want to judge your past, present, and/or future actions. 

Any decisions that you choose to make based on the reading are your responsibility. 

Please do not see me as an oracle.  The tarot and other cartomantic systems are oracles; I am the human interpreter, and as such, fallible. The tarot cards, like the planets, impel.  They do not compel.  You are the captain of your own ship!

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